Much Loved Poultry

We incubate and hatch all of our birds ourselves to ensure we have the strongest and healthiest hatchlings possible.

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Chickens, ducks and Hatching eggs

Beautiful birds to bring your garden to life

Based in the beautiful Elham Valley in Kent we breed friendly point of lay (POL) chickens that lay fabulous eggs. We offer a carefully selected range of breeds with a sensible balance between egg production and laying life. They are a more natural chicken than a high-volume production chicken. As such they will live longer, produce for longer, are more friendly and are gentle on the garden. They are ideal garden chickens. 

We also breed ornamental and laying ducks. You will love their friendly chatter and inquisitive nature. 

Laying Hens

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Hatching Eggs


Rare Breeds Survival Trust

Much Loved Poultry is proud to be a corporate partner of the Rare Breeds Survival Trust. 
We have signed the pledge and are actively involved with working to save and promote endangered UK breeds of poultry from extinction.

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